Electrics ,Electronics and Home appliances

Nashton supply consumer electronics and home appliances. Be it for entertainment, communications and business applications – including personal computers, telephones, audio equipment, televisions, calculators and video media such as DVD players – or electrical appliances such as irons and rice cookers as well as refrigerators and washing machines...etc. We are leader Yemeni market supplier for many brand, our manufacturer are recognized by many international standards.  

Marine Boats and Vessels

Nasthon supply a lot of vessels and boats with international brands from around the world. Nashton supply includes a broad range of offshore vessels of both steel and aluminum constructions, we also provide fiber glass boats. Some of our supplies: •    Anchor Handling Tug Supply Vessels •    Dive Maintenance Support Vessels •    Multi-Purpose Supply Vessels •    Platform Supply Vessels •    Terminal/Harbor/Escort/Salvage Tugs •    Mooring Boats •    Accommodation Barges •    Utility vessels •    Fast In

Water Treatment Plants

Nashton provides products and services all over the Yemen. Nashton’s roles help us achieve our mission to be affordable, reliable and accessible. Products and Services * Water purification systems * Water treatment chemicals * Water treatment components * Water recycle systems  

Ice plants & Storages

Nashton is specialized in the engineering, fabrication and distribution of flake ice related systems. The flake ice systems are unique in that Nashton is able to provide turn-key solutions. We provide the following: •    Flake Ice Machine •    Plate Ice Machines •    Tube Ice Machines •    Ice Storage •    Block Ice Machines •    Ice Delivery •    Ice Weighing •    Ice Drums •    Complete Ice Factories

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