Equipment& Instruments

We offer a wide range of Drilling & Production Equip, and specialized instruments for the Drilling Monitoring, Mud Logging, Gas Detection, etc. Equipment & Instrumentation Automation and Control Flow Instrumentation Instrumentation and Tools Laboratory Equipment Marine and Subsea Equipment Measuring Instruments Offshore Instrumentation Process and Control Equipment Wireline & Downhole Instruments  


Nashton is in a unique position to provide customers expert technical advice on all types of valves and their application. Nashton is the exclusive distributor of many brand around the world. The expertise our company can draw from relating to correct valve selection is second to none in the distribution industry. To support our market leading position, Nashton operates a team of valve specialists located across the country. These experts are responsible for technical support, engineering backup, process analysis and suitable valve specifications for both manual and automated applications. A dedicated Director of Valve Sales heads the team. We provide superior local expert technical suppo

Drilling Rigs Equipment

We supply different kinds of drilling rigs, which include conventional skid-mounted drilling rigs, mobile or truck-mounted drilling rigs and trailer-mounted drilling rigs, and drilling rig components at very competitive prices. We offer a complete line of brand new track or wheel mounted self-propelled RC drilling rigs and skid or platform mounted core drill rigs as well as drilling supplies for: •    RC drilling (Reverse circulation drilling) •    Core drilling •    Geothermal drilling •    Blast hole drilling

Casing and Tubing

We are a global supplier of casing and tubing to both the offshore and onshore oil and gas companies. We are active in all the major global oil hubs specializing in the supply of higher grade materials, sour service, chrome and high chrome. We pride ourselves in providing our clients with a quality service and product on time, every time. Some examples of casing & tubing we supply: •    API 5CT Latest Edition •    OCTG from 1.660" to 30''  + respective couplings, crossovers and pup joints •    API Grades from H40 to Q125 and 13% CR •    ALL API Standard Weights •    API and

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