Drilling & Workover Services

Nashton is capable to supply drilling & work-over rigs according to the needs of clients. Also we are capable to depute complete crews for drilling activities. Using our capabilities and our experienced staff, Nashton is qualified to execute either for selling or renting. NASHON key activities include: •    Drilling and Workover Services Onshore •    Rig Management Onshore and Offshore •    Drilling Equipment Rentals •    Technical Consulting in Oil & Gas Field •    Rig Crew and other Personnel •    Maintenance Services  

Drilling Rigs Equipment

We supply different kinds of drilling rigs, which include conventional skid-mounted drilling rigs, mobile or truck-mounted drilling rigs and trailer-mounted drilling rigs, and drilling rig components at very competitive prices. We offer a complete line of brand new track or wheel mounted self-propelled RC drilling rigs and skid or platform mounted core drill rigs as well as drilling supplies for: • RC drilling (Reverse circulation drilling) •Core drilling •Geothermal drilling •Blast hole drilling  

Well Logging Services

Well logging services are performed with nine fully computerized mobile and skid units, two Mast Trucks and two Grease Injection Systems. Equipment and training has been obtained from well known and reputable manufacturers. Nashton provide any type of wireline logging and perforating services including: open hole, cased hole, production logging, explosive services, bore hole seismic services as well as analysis of logging and related data.

Mud services

Mud services (Drilling Fluid Services) are provided with modern instruments according to API standards with the purpose of preparing, maintaining and regenerating working fluids required for drilling, workover and killing operations. Mud service provides solids control equipment and two fully equipped central mud laboratories which can deliver more detailed analysis specific to the customer’s demands.

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